Welcome to Third Grade!
(This is the place for all weekly announcements.)

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! 

1. Sunday, April 22nd is Christian Education Sunday. The Children's Choir will be singing in the 10:30 service. Students should wear their white polos to this service. Please let Miss Fuerstenberg know if your child will not be able to attend.

2. Friday, May 11th is our school Play Night. All K-4 students should be in attendance.

This Week in our Classroom:
April 16-20, 2018

Religion: "David Sins" and "Absalom Sins Against His Father"

Memory Treasures:
Tuesday: Psalm 139:14

Wednesday: Hymn 588:1

Friday: 6th Commandment


There will be times when we get these assignments done in class, so please check your child's planner for the exact assignments. The regular schedule will be as listed below:

Monday: Sort the words two times
Tuesday: Writing Sort
Wednesday: Blind Writing Sort
Thursday: Blind Writing Sort
Friday: Test!


Monday- WB: 58
Tuesday- WB: 63-64
Wednesday- WB: 65-67
Thursday- WB: 68-69
Friday- WB: 70-72

Social Studies: 

Social Studies is on Mondays and Tuesdays of each week. This week, we will continue Chapter 9, "Our Land Today."

Science is on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of each week. This week, we will continue Unit 7, "Water & Weather."


 This week, we will complete the novel: Secret Garden. The short story we will read is: "The Bat Boy and His Violin." The skills we will be working on include: Inferences and Author's Point/Purpose.


This week, we will continue Chapter 14, Lessons 6-Chapter 15, Lesson 3, pgs. 609-653.

Please be sure to check the "Classroom Documents" for our Memory Treasure Schedule and Classroom Handbook!

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